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Private beach Granada Beach Resort Oslob Philippines Itinerary
20 Nov

Philippines Adventure Itinerary; Island Hopping and Adventure Tour Philippines Itinerary

Last week we posted travel options for islands to visit in the Philippines after Oslob.  We received a lot of positive feedback and a few travelers asking for recommendations for a Philippines Itinerary to help maximise their time and Philippines Islands Holiday.

Private beach Granada Beach Resort Oslob Philippines ItineraryAt last count the Philippines consist of more than 7,700 islands that make up this beautiful nation.  That is a LOT of islands to try and navigate around. Our goal is to help give readers a potential Philippines Itinerary for their adventure holiday. Ideas on where to visit in the Philippines and getting from point A to point B.  We will base our itinerary starting on a Saturday arrival to help maximize precious time off work.  Of course if your arriving flight to the Philippines are not as convenient as this sample itinerary don’t fret, there are always options to rearrange, or cut a day out of A or B location.  As always please double check travel options are still offered for your holiday dates as sometimes things do change.

So without further ado:

Philippines Itinerary starting with a flight from your home country arriving in Manila, Philippines


International Flight arrival into Manila. Have a connecting flight from Manila to Boracay (Catilan Airport)  Stay: 3 Nights

Why Boracay to start our Philippines Vacation Itinerary? Bocaray is the party island of the Philippines.  Where better to drink tropical cocktails in beach bars throughout the day to set up your holiday.  Take the first 3 days to lounge on the white sand beaches of Boracay and party til the early mornings.  Station 2 is the party scene and if you want a little quieter location for sleeping stay in accommodations in Station 1, just a short 20 minute tricycle ride away.

Other things to do: Boracay is the Kiteboard captial of the Philippines. If you are looking for a little adventure take a class or two and see if you’re ready to cruise across the blue sea.


Fly to Matcan-Cebu Airport, take a ferry from Cebu City to Tagbilaran Bohol, final destination, taxi to Panglao.  Stay: 3 Nights

Amazing Philippines Itinerary Holiday Plan for travel to Cebu, Bohol, Palawan

Philippines Itinerary Bohol Tarsier Philippines national animal and primate

Why Panglao, Bohol?  Panglao its self is a bit more relaxed than Boracay but still offers beach bars and small restaurants mixed in with larger hotel dining (both in size and price).

Bohol is home to some amazing scenery and cute little fur balls known as Tarsiers.  Visit amazing areas such as the Chocolate Hills after driving through the beautiful “Man Made Forest.” Don’t forget to stop and visit the Tarsier center and learn about these cute little primates (not monkeys however), and even have lunch while cruising by boat up a stunning tropical river valley.  But don’t just stay on Bohol, venture out on a day snorkel or dive expedition to Balicasag Island to swim with lots of tropical fish and even sea turtles!


Take the morning Banca Boat transfer from Panglao to Oslob, then a 15 minute tricycle taxi to us at Granada Beach Resort.  Stay: 3 Nights

Best Philippines Itinerary for amazing VacationWhy Oslob and more importantly why Granada Beach Resort?  Oslob is the up-and-coming tourist destination for Adventure Seekers and it’s easy to see why.  Snorkel with the Oslob Whale Sharks, amazing waterfalls (checkout our Secret Waterfall tour for the best yet to be discovered tour), plus close proximity to Kawasan Canyoneering.  A bit over 1 hour away, Kawasan Canyoneering is hands down the best adventure tour in the Philippines and is an easy reach using Granada Beach Resort as your base. Perfect for your Philippines Itinerary.

Granada beach Resort Sustainable Travel TourismGranada Beach Resort is one of the best resorts in Oslob (although we are biased). But we feature a relaxing location off the highway (no traffic noise), our own private beach and did we mention we are Adults Only?  Yes we are!  No kids running around makes for a peaceful location.

Other things to do: Day boat trip to snorkel Sumilon Island Marine Park and Sand Bar, or snorkel our awesome house reef right off the resort.


Ground transfer to Mactan-Cebu Airport and fly (Air Swift) to Palawan/El Nido. Stay: 3 Nights

7 places to visit after Oslob Philippines

Why Palawan and El Nido?  For the past 5 years beaches on this island have been voted some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So dip your toes in clear water, Instagram some stunning white sand beaches to make your friends jelly and enjoy the island life.

Other things to do: Boat trip through Big and Small lagoon, Kayak along the way and paddle through the underground river.


Fly from Palawan to Manila and hop to Siargao. Stay: 3 Nights

Why Siargao? Because it’s off the beaten path and has not yet been discovered by the masses.  Throughout our Philippines Itinerary we have been going from busy to slower to help our travelers get into the island life pace.  As the last stop in our Philippines Holiday Itinerary we saved the low key beach area for last.  Many hostels and lower budget accommodation this is a great area to get “Lost in Translation” and meet some cool people.

Other things to do: Siargao is one of the only areas in the Philippines to find consistent surfable waves.

Sunday, fly back to Manila and catch your returning flight home.

There you have it, our two-week Philippines Itinerary suggestion.  Again, this itinerary may not fit everyone’s schedule or even their budget, but we wanted to offers some suggestions for readers to reach some of the best known and fun locations throughout the Philippines Islands. Don’t forget to Instagram and share with all your friends back home. Good luck!


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