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7 places to visit after Oslob Philippines
7 Nov

Top 7 Philippines Islands to Visit After Your Stay in Oslob, Cebu

Are you planning your Philippines Trip and find yourself a bit confused on what Philippines Islands to visit or how to get from one island to the other?  The Philippines is made us of more than 7,700 islands and it can be tricky going from point A to point B.  Sometimes even finding information online can be tricky. We often have guests asking where we recommend to visit after their stay at Granada Beach Resort.

We have put together this list of the most popular island locations our guests visit after their stay and a quick idea on the easiest way to reach these islands.  This is a list for options to reach another island, not another location on Cebu.  After all you can just drive across Cebu.

*We have quoted some times and prices, please always double check with the company providing the transportation to the Philippines Islands to visit during your trip and for their accurate schedule as schedules and fares can change.


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