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Sustainable Travel and Tourism at Granada Beach Resort

Sustainable Tourism in the Philippines

One of the main attractions that brings guests to stay at the Granada Beach Resort is the natural beauty of the Philippines.  This stunning countries beauty is second to none and as it has give so much to us we try just as hard to give back by practicing sustainable tourism.  We break our sustainability practice into 3 parts.

Enviromental Practices


Granada Beach Resort works hard to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are several of the ways we are reducing our energy usage around the resort.

– LED and CFL energy efficient lightbulbs
– Light Sensors
– Insulated Solar Hot Water
– Energy Efficient Appliances like our washing machine is P0.90 energy use per load
– Public areas are all open to
– Room design for flow through air to keep cool with natural occurring sea breeze
– Energy efficient A/C for when there is no breeze and maintained on a quarterly maintenance schedule.
– A/C are set to 24 deg
– Solar heated swimming pool


Sustainable tourism is not just about just reducing energy uses and waste, but supporting the local economy. By hiring local villagers to work at Granada Beach Resort we are working to keep income flowing into the local community.

We also support local businesses:
– We purchase 99%+ of our produce from local farmers and resale venders.
– We purchase as much of our meat from local butchers.
– Resort furniture has been contracted by a local carpenter.
– Our tour lunches are held at outside restaurants to help increase their sales.
– We outsource services such as guest laundry and tour transport and some tours to help spread the love.
– As a resort we donate to local charities such as: Police Charity, Local Village Sports Leagues, Rescue Animal Shelters.


– Linen and towel reuse policy to reduce the consumption of water and cleaning chemical usage.
– Rain Catch to top off swimming pool and water our gardens during dry months. (coming)
– Low flow toilets with dual button functions
– Low flow shower heads.
– Housekeeping and Maintenance work together to monitor and fix leaks.
– Landscaping using native tropical plants naturally adapted to our environment to avoid needed excess watering.
– Aerators in sink faucets


Recycling has become common around the world and we work to reduce our environmental impact by reducing and recycling our solid waste.

– Glass bottles to recycle when empty.
– Compost kitchen waste and garden trimmings.
– Environmentally friendly detergents. 7th Generation Plant Based Enzyme detergent to reduce chemicals introduced into the environment.
– Bulk filtered water with reusable glasses in the rooms for guest consumption.
– Metal waste is donated to local villager who then sells to scrap metal recycle center.