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Secret Waterfall Tour

The Best Unknown Cebu Waterfall

Beautiful blue water, bigger than Kawasan and no crowds!

Our favorite Cebu waterfall experience!

The problem with the undiscovered gems is eventually they become discovered.  When they do the crowds come in mass.  Welcome to the next great thing.  In July 2016 we discovered our “Secret Waterfall.”  This amazing picturesque Southern Cebu waterfall is the perfect waterfall tour to get off the beaten path and see one of the best waterfalls in Cebu without crowds. 

Our secret falls is nearly 50 meters (150ft) tall and cascades into a beautiful blue pool perfect for cooling off from the midday heat.  The highlight of this waterfalls is the cave carved behind the falls where guests can swim into and get a unique view of a waterfall.  Combine all this with some great photos opportunities and it is a great Cebu tour experience. 

we are doing our best to keep this amazing location to us and our guests.

Now it’s not that no one is visiting this waterfall.  Every once and a while we do bump into a couple people, but not like the crowds at Tumalog or Kawasan.  We don’t know how long this waterfall will remain unknown, but we are doing our best to keep this amazing location to us and our guests.  We have never revealed the true name of this falls to any of our guests!


Secret Waterfall Tour includes:

  • Transfer in Air Conditioned Vehicle
  • Granada Beach Resort Guide for hassle free
  • All Waterfall Park Admissions
  • Photos from tour


2 or 3 People

P2250 per person

4 or more people

P1750 per person

add to a Whale Shark Tour

P1750 per person

Includes lunch

*min 2 people