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Kawasan Waterfall Tour

Kawasan Waterfall and Moalboal Sardine Tour

Gatorade blue water, rope swings and snorkeling with the Moalboal Sardines make Kawasan popular for tourists and locals alike.

Kawasan Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Cebu and is approximately two-hour drive away by car.  It is also just an Half-hour away from Moalboal, so it makes it a convenient trip to pair with a transfer to Moalboal for our guests heading that direction. 

We’ve added snorkelling with the famous Moalboal Sardines to replace the recently closed Bamboo Rafting.

Kawasan has two main waterfalls that are both deep enough for swimming. The first set of falls has a height of over 30 meters, while the second set has a wider area with a height of 20 meters.  The highlight of the Kawasan Waterfall tour is the Bamboo Raft ride where guests can directly experience the rush of the flowing water as it crashes into the pool! (Unfortunately the Bamboo Rafting has been closed as of Jan 2018 until further notice)

Other highlights include: stunning scenery, rope swing into the water and of course swimming.

Kawasan Waterfall Tour includes:

  • Transfer in Air Conditioned Vehicle
  • Granada Beach Resort Guide
  • All Waterfall Park Admissions
  • Bamboo Raft Ride (As of Jan 2018 the Bamboo Rafting at Kawasaki is Closed)
  • Snorkelling with Sardines in Moalboal
  • Lunch
  • Photos from tour

As of January 2018 the Municiple has stopped the Bamboo Raft rides at Kawasan Waterfall.  To help keep this tour a guest favorite we have introduces snorkeling with the famous Moalboal Sardines to our Kawasan-Moalboal Tour.  

Picture yourself swimming through the tropical blue waters of the Philippines when in front of you a cloud parts engulfing you into a school of more than an estimated million of Sardine Fish.  This school acts and views as though its one life form, twisting a turning making for some breathtaking visuals. A perfect way to end your visit to Kawasan Waterfall and Moalboal.

2 or 3 People

P3250 per person

4 or more people

P2750 per person

Photos from Kawasan Waterfalls

Kawasan Waterfall Video