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10 Jan

It’s More Fun in the Philippines; New Travel Show

It’s More Fun In The Philippines Globetrotter TV

It’s More Fun in the Philippines… and the saying is true even on TV!!

During your Philippines visit its hard not fall in love with the Filipino people, culture and islands.  Everything around the Philippines is stunning.  Living and working in the Philippines is no different.  Even when traveling if it says “Philippines” we are reading, it or watching it.  And its so fun to see something and be able to say, “Hey, this is that place we…”, or, “Remember when we were here?” During a recent visit to see family we were all tuned in vegging out to the “Boob Tube.” On the channel guide we saw, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.” Shit, we have to check this out.

Well, it turns out the show is produced and aired by Globetrotter TV.  Globetrotter TV is a channel and production company. They are dedicated to exploring the world and bringing viewers and cultures together.  Ok, pretty cool, but is it any good. The answer to that is, Yes… and No.  We did find it entertaining, with pretty pictures and fun portrayal of the Philippines and we did watch all 6 episodes in December.

What we liked:

To be very honest, the show is sponsored by the Philippines Toursim Board.  Fair enough.  And the show doesn’t come across as just one gigantic advertisement which is good.  Alex (the host) seems very genuine.  The show features some tourist ideas that are not always high on every visitors agenda and also features some of the much more popular destinations.  We do wish they would have done a better job highlighting Cebu.  But what can we say? We are very biased that “The Queen Island” is the best!  We feel they missed out on some awesome places on Cebu, but that’s why we’re here… to help you find those places right?

What we wish was better:

We do think they could have done a better job filming so it doesn’t look quite so 90’s.  With all the great video content people across YouTube are producing we wish the quality was a bit higher for this show.  And of course as we said, SHOW MORE CEBU! But that is the great thing about the Philippines. With 7000 islands, even if each island only has 1 rad place that is 7000 amazing experiences… that’s a lifetime of discovery.

But check it out and tell us your thoughts.

Episode 1:

Join Alex Outhwaite as she embarks on an island hopping tour of the Philippines, accompanied by friend and tourism advocate Mel Dizon.

After all… It’s More Fun in the Philippines!!