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21 Aug

Cebu Out and About: Discovering Our New Secret Waterfall

Cebu Waterfall Tour Kawasan waterfalls granada beach resort

It’s no secret, Cebu Philippines is home to many amazing and beautiful waterfalls.  In fact just in the south we have Tumalog Waterfalls which is one of the most visited waterfalls on the island!  We also have another popular waterfall in Kawasan Waterfall known for its electric blue water.  There is also the series of 5 smaller waterfall adventure of Aguinid Waterfalls which is a different type of experience and truly and adventure.  But the one downfall of all of these amazing waterfalls is how popular they are with visiting tourists and local Filipinos alike.  Its not uncommon to find hundreds of people at these attractions.  Our tours to these locations recommends the best time to visit to help avoid the peak crowd time, but even then it is rare to have the waterfall all to yourself.  So we set out to find a waterfall attraction that was off the beaten path, and boy did we ever!

Off the Beaten Path Waterfall ToursWe are pleased to announce our new “Secret Waterfall” tour. Aptly named to help hide the true identity and help keep it off the tourist radar.  This is truly and amazing waterfall experience. We start with a short hike from the parking lot down to the waterfall via a series of stairs.  On the hike down experience stunning views of the surrounding rain forest, including the electric blue water, just like Kawasan Waterfall.

Secret Waterfall has a large pool for swimming and a variety of depths of different water comfort levels.  This is a perfect location for some fun and beautiful photos.  visit three waterfalls around Cebu with Granada Beach Resort waterfall tour

The highlight of the waterfall is swimming into the large cave in the back of the waterfall.  From here you can feel and hear the power of the water falling from the cliff 50 meters above. Cebu waterfall tour to secret waterfalls the best undiscovered waterfall tour in the Philippines

For those even more adventurous, climb into the waterfall and experience natures natural massage.  With all our tours our guide carries a waterproof camera to help capture the memories from your tours, maybe even your own selfie from within the secret waterfall. Secret Waterfall Tour Southern Cebu photo selfie

While the highlight might be the cave in the back, the true star of this tour is the exclusivity of the park with very few people, often our guests are the only ones around.  Lets just hope we can keep this beautiful waterfall a secret.  What do you think of our new waterfall tour.  Let us know in the comments if you agree we found our hidden gem.Secret Waterfall tour off the beaten path private secluded