Cebu South Rd, South Granada, Boljoon +63 (905) 502-7282        

Public Bus to Granada Beach Resort

Ride the Bus to Granada Beach Resort

The least expensive, but not the most direct way to reach Granada Beach Resort and Oslob.

Arrive at the Cebu Southern Bus Terminal

Take a taxi ride from anywhere in the city or on Mactan Island to the Southern Bus Terminal. 

From the Bus Terminal

Once at the bus terminal you will want to find the gate for the Oslob/Lilo-an/Bato bus to reach Granada Beach Resort.  The journey by bus will take approximately 3.5-4.5 hours once you depart the bus station.

What to tell the Bus Attendant

Arriving before 6pm:

If you will be arriving to our area before 6pm, the easiest way to reach the resort is to disembark the bus at the Boljoon Public market.  After getting off the bus hire a tricycle taxi to deliver you direct to the resort. (Approx P100)

Arriving After Dark:

If you will be arriving after 6pm then you will miss most of the tricycle taxis as they usually stop running around sunset.  You will then need to tell the bus attendant you need to go to Granada Beach Resort, at the South Granada Barangay (pronounced “Bar-‘n’-guy”) marker.  Many will understand.  If they need additional directions you can direct them we are located 5 km past Boljoon Town just past Granada Village. 

As you travel through Boljoon town you will go up the hill past the high school and then past the cemetary before entering Granada Village.  Immediately after the sweeping left turn after Granada Village you will see the South Granada Barangay Marker on the left side, this is your stop.

When you arrive at the South Granada Barangay Marker

You are not quite to our resort yet.  You will see our sign along the highway, pointing up the country road heading to the resort.  Our resort is located approximately half a kilometer (430m) down the road from the highway.  If you are walking from the bus be prepared there are two steep hills you will have to climb to reach the resort.* At the top of the second hill you will see a sign directing to the two resorts located in our area.  Follow the arrow to the right down the hill to Granada Beach Resort.  

Where our resort property begins you will see our lights lighting your way past our beach and towards the resort.**

*There is no taxi service to the resort and most of the tricycle taxis in the area will not travel up the hill.  On occasion you can find one who will make the trek and usually charges between P50-P100.

**Also please note this public country road does not have lights.  If you will be arriving after dark you will wish to have a torch/light to help see your way.