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16 Jan

It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Episode 2 – Bohol

Are you planning your trip to Cebu?  We recommend visiting Bohol-Cebu first.  

Bohol Philippines Bohol CebuIn our last blog we told you about a new travel show we discovered.  It’s More Fun in the Philippines is a UK based travel show produced by Globetrotter TV. In episode two the hosts Alex and Mel visit Bohol.  We think this is great as Bohol is only a short ferry ride away from Cebu!  There are lots of great things to do while visiting Bohol.  We often recommend visiting Bohol before or after staying in Oslob.  We wrote a blog article about it here. Bohol is such a pretty island, we chose it for our Staff Christmas party a few years ago. Plenty of choice of places to visit.  Tarsiers, Chocolate Hill’s, Man Made Forest and our personal favorite, the River Lunch Cruise.

So what did Alex and Mel get up to in Episode Two?  Check it out. We will say it sounds similar to our staff trip. 🙂

The holiday island of Bohol is a favourite for tourists, with so much to offer. Alex and Mel discover the amazing beaches, meet the smallest primates in the world, and head up to the famous Chocolate Hills.

What do you think? Should you visit Bohol before or after visiting Granada Beach Resort and Oslob?