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23 Reasons to Make Cebu Philippines Your Next Holiday Destination

Cebu Philippines Jeepney cheap public transportation
4 May

23 Reasons to Make Cebu Philippines Your Next Holiday Destination

Vicky and I have had the privilege to work in many amazing tropical locations.  From India to the Bahamas, Malaysia to Fiji, Belize to The Philippine Islands and we have had fun living in all of them.  When meeting new people the question inevitably that comes up is, “Where is your favorite place you’ve visited or lived?”  It’s hard not to answer our current location, Cebu, Philippine Islands.  Why?  To help explain we put together a list of the 23 reasons we feel Cebu, Philippines should be your next holiday destination.


  1. The people are some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet
  2. Ease of travel to Cebu.  Direct flights now offered from Los Angeles and Dubai as well as most major Asian Cities into Cebu-Mactan Airport
  3. It’s tropical with crystal clear ocean water
  4. You can see the original Magellan’s cross that he planted in Cebu in 1521
  5. You can drink fresh coconut water
  6. Cebu Philippines Jeepney cheap public transportation You can ride in a Jeepney (awesome decorated taxis)
  7. You can ride in a Tricycle Taxi
  8. You can eat amazing seafood curries
  9. You will be always be treated with utmost respect
  10. You can get a one-hour body massage for less than $20USD
  11. Cebu Philippines Oslob Sumilon Snorkeling Scuba Diving best Philippines scuba diving destinationsYou can enjoy some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world
  12. You don’t have to worry about a language barrier, because nearly everyone speaks fluent English
  13. The water temperature is warm and perfect year round (78-85 deg F)
  14. Spanish History in Boljoon Oslob Cebu PhilippinesYou can learn about the history from the Spanish Colonization
  15. You can eat “Lechon” – or suckling roasted pig (the national dish)
  16. You can go island hopping in a “Banca Boat” (bamboo boat)
  17. You will always be greeted with a “Hello Sir” or “Hello Maam
  18. You can enjoy the most amazing golden mangos on Cebu island
  19. You can visit incredible waterfalls like this one called Tumalog, Aguinid or Kawasan Falls in Cebu
  20. Visit Turtle Sanctuary of Apo Island
  21. Whale Shark Snorkel tours Oslob, Cebu Philippines reasons to visitYou can swim with the “Gentle Giant” Whale Sharks of Oslob
  22. You can enjoy the amazing year round weather, which averages 22.6 degrees Celsius (75 F)
  23. It’s extremely affordable

Once you arrive you will understand why Cebu Philippines is such a special place to visit, or even live!  Come see for yourself. 

  • Have you been here before?  Let us know in the comments if you agree or feel we may have left out something you feel makes Cebu a special place.