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Cebu Hiking and Waterfall Tours

Discover Cebu Hiking and Waterfalls

Get off the beaten path and explore Cebu

Join us for one of our hiking or waterfall tours and get off the beaten path.

Our mission is to take the hassle out of our tours so our guests can sit back, relax and enjoy themselves and their tour to the fullest.

Southern Cebu is famous for our Oslob Whale Shark tour but there is so much more to see and do.  We have been exploring South Cebu finding the best things to do and the best way to enjoy the area and pride ourselves in putting together a hassle free tour.  Our guests don’t have to worry about anything except to get out and enjoy Cebu. See our list of tours offered and what we feel are the best tours to do in South Cebu.

Aguinid Waterfall Tour

The most adventurous of all the waterfall tours in Southern Cebu.  Aguinid Waterfalls is a series of 5 different small waterfalls, making for one big tour… (Discover Aguinid Waterfall)

Secret Waterfall Tour

We don’t know how long this waterfall will remain unknown, but we are doing our best to keep this amazing location to us and our guests.  Nearly 50 meters (150ft) tall, cascading into a beautiful blue pool perfect for cooling off from the midday heat.  The highlight of this waterfalls is the cave carved behind the falls where guests can swim into… (Discover Secret Waterfall)

Tumalog Waterfall Tour

This large waterfalls cascades over a series of outcroppings down a stone wall to the pool below.  Living on the wall is a series of algea and moss that lend their colors to create a beautiful canvas for your waterfall photo… (Discover Tumalog Waterfall)

Waterfall Trifecta - 3 Waterfalls!

Our Cebu Waterfall Trifecta Tour visits three very different Southern Cebu Waterfalls in one tour.  See the best waterfalls in Southern Cebu with Aguinid Waterfall, Secret Waterfall, Tumalog Waterfall… (learn more)

Osmeña Peak

Southern Cebu has many amazing waterfalls and spectacular ocean adventures.  Did you know we have mountains too?  Osmeña Peak is the highest point on the island of Cebu.  Our hiking might not be as strenuous as a hike through the Rocky Mountains or the Alps but our topography and scenery is stunning in it’s own right… (Discover Osmeña Peak)

Kawasan Canyoneering at Badian

Kawasan Canyoneering is one of the most Adventurous Tours in the Philippines. Some might call it extreme, others crazy, but most call it AMAZING!  Cliff Jumping, Rock Scrambling, Natural Waterslides, Swimming and lots of sureal scenery make for one exciting adventure… (Discover Kawasan Canyoneering at Badian

Kawasan Waterfall Tour

Kawasan Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Cebu and is approximately two-hour drive away by car.  Kawasan has two main waterfalls that are both deep enough for swimming. The highlight of the Kawasan Waterfall tour is the Bamboo Raft ride where guests can directly experience the rush of the flowing water as it crashes into the pool!… (Discover Kawasan Waterfall)

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