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About Granada Beach Resort – Award Winning Service

Why Do We Feel We Are The Best Resort In The Philippines?

Face The Day The Right Way!

The morning sunrise greets Granada Beach Resort each morning providing ample sunrise opportunities for those eager to greet the day.  Secluded and private setting with unspoiled ocean views combined with some of the best customer service in the Philippines helps make Granada Beach Resort the best value on Cebu and we feel the best hotel in the Philippines! (of course we are kind of biased.)

It was these uninterrupted views around the coast line that prompted the Spanish to use Granada Beach peninsula as a lookout point along the coast for invaders.  In fact we still have one the original Baluarte (lookout tower) on our grounds!  

Unlike many of the hotels lining the Southern Cebu Highway our location is set off the highway half a kilometer. (Of course this does mean a half kilometer walk to and from the highway, or we can call you a tricycle taxi if you wish.) Our setting provides us a quite location void of city and traffic noise and also provides nearly 180 degrees of stunning ocean and coast line views of Cebu.  Combine with our private beach, terrific snorkeling right off the resort and many available tours with our local tour guides makes for a great holiday experience. 


More Than Just a Beautiful Setting…

Our staff has worked very hard to create amazing holidays for all our guests.  Along with our great customer service our restaurant menu features both flavorful favorite local dishes and international dishes discovered through our years of traveling and working abroad allow our guests to experience true Filipino cuisine and more.   We hope we get the chance to show you the “Real Philippines”.  Maybe the best resort in the Philippines.  Join us at the Granada Beach Resort in South Cebu and experience the real Philippines.  “Escape the City for a Taste of Paradise.”

Setting, Service and Adventure...

Award Winning Customer Service
Ocean View and Private Beach
Amazing Tours and Adventures

8 Room Beach Hotel

Granada Beach Resort is an 8 room hotel located just outside Oslob, on the island of Cebu in the Philippines.  Our hotel features many amenities and tours to help deliver to our guests a comfortable vacation holiday; and with only 8 rooms we provide an intimate setting for our guests to experience the real Philippines. 

Our goal is to create simple luxury using nice furnishings, amazing setting and great customer service to help you enjoy your stay.

Private Penisula and Private Beach

One of the best things about Granada Beach Resort is the location.  Sitting on a private peninsula our location delivers stunning 180 degree ocean views of the Philippines Cebu Straight and Bohol Sea.  We also feature our very own beach for our guests!  You won’t feel like a sardine laying on the beach.

An added bonus is our stunning reef right off our beach!  We offer complimentary snorkeling equipment to help you explore the beautiful underwater realm right at our doorstep. Come check it our for yourself.

Friendsly People, Amazing Service

The best thing about Granada Beach Resort is our amazing staff.  As soon as you arrive in the Philippines you will notice something different, the Filipino people are friendly.  Our staff work very hard at making sure all our guests leave having experienced the vacation holiday of a lifetime.  In fact while Granada Beach Resort might be new, our staff are not.  They have been recognized by TripAdvisor with the 2013, 2014 Certificate of Excellence for Customer Service.  And the Travelers Choice Award for Customer Service in 2015 and we will only strive to get better.

Sustainable Tourism in the Philippines

One of the main attractions that brings guests to stay at the Granada Beach Resort is the natural beauty of the Philippines.  This stunning countries beauty is second to none and as it has give so much to us we try just as hard to give back by practicing sustainable tourism.  We break our sustainability practice into 3 parts.

Enviromental Practices


Granada Beach Resort works hard to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are several of the ways we are reducing our energy usage around the resort.

– LED and CFL energy efficient lightbulbs
– Light Sensors
– Solar Hot Water
– Energy Efficient Appliances like our washing machine is P0.90 energy use per load
– Public areas are all open to
– Room design for flow through air to keep cool with natural occurring sea breeze
– Energy efficient A/C for when there is no breeze and maintained on a regular maintenance schedule to maintain their efficiency
– A/C are set to 24 deg
– Solar heated swimming pool


Sustainable tourism is not just about just reducing energy uses and waste, but supporting the local economy. By hiring local villagers to work at Granada Beach House we are helping to keep income flowing into the local community.

We also support local businesses such as the local farmers, butchers and furniture makers to supply the pieces used around the resort.


– Linen and towel reuse policy to reduce the consumption of water and cleaning chemical usage.
– Rain Catch to top off swimming pool and water our gardens during dry months. (coming)
– Low flow toilets.


Recycling has become common around the world and we work to reduce our environmental impact by reducing and recycling our solid waste.

– Glass bottles to recycle when empty.
– Compost kitchen waste and garden trimmings.
– Environmentally friendly detergents. 7th Generation Plant Based Enzyme detergent to reduce chemicals introduced into the environment.
– Bulk filtered water with reusable glass bottles in the rooms for guest consumption.